How To Say Sorry For Hurting Someone You Love

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Don't you hate it when you hurt someone you love? How to say sorry when you've

done that? This is one of those things that's not if. It's when. Because we're

all gonna do it. In fact, Bishop Desmond Tutu wrote a book

about forgiveness. And he said, we are all broken. And from that brokenness, we hurt

each other. And then he set up forgiveness as the healing path that we

can take once it's happened. So, it's going to happen and you've probably

noticed it. And probably you're dealing with something right now where just

because of some brain cramp that got in your way and had you do something that

hurts someone that you love. You know what? I hate this. Personally, I love my

wife so much. And I'm constantly doing stupid

brain-dead kinds of things. That have her feeling hurt. I don't want to do it. You

can probably relate, right? We don't want to hurt them but we do. So, acknowledging

that, what can we do to make an appropriate apology? To say that we're

sorry? To convey that in a way that really is meaningful. Do you remember

when you're a little kid and you did something that hurt someone and your mom

said, "What do you say?" And you're like, "I'm sorry, gosh!" Alright? How does that come

across? Yeah, that's not it. So, five tips for you. And the first one is be sincere.

Okay? I know that you are because you're trying to find out a way to solve this.

Be sincere. That's superficial I just need to meet

the requirement kind of approach is not going to fly, okay? And that usually makes it

worse. So it has to come from the most sincere place in your own heart and mind.