Mayo Clinic Minute: Ankle sprains 101

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the anklebone really consists of the

tibia the fibula as well as the tailor's

and tailors connects right to the rest

of the foot the arrows also connected by

are these ropes which are also known as

ligaments that connect the bones

together that gives us stability as well

as motion if necessary for walking

twistin were to roll your foot under and

the ligaments can be stretched or torn a

classic ankle sprain most will heal on

their own however when you have a major

sprain instability can be a problem down

the road and that can lead to often

cartilage injury as well as arthritis

and pain foot and ankle surgeon dr. Glen

Shore says that pain persists more than

a few days see a doctor his top

prevention tips be more aware of foot

placement on uneven ground be active and

build strength for better foot control