Last to drop the CRUTCHES!! Cora gets crutches today!

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laughs to drop the crutches


good morning Toa squad welcome back to

the adventure we have had some

adjustments in the house because of

Korra's ankle and we've had to she's

doing really really good but she still

kind of hurts when she walks on it too

much are you doing today Korra yeah does

it hurt to that in case you did not see

is it broken Cora popped her ankle pops

when the shooters played on the

trampoline we took her to the insta care

we found out whether it was broken or

not it is broken so now we're just gonna

it looks like now all right and soon

we're going to take Cora to the

orthopedic doctor to hear the news about

her growth plate but because she has to

be in this boot we got her where we got