Hurt Bae Asks: Why Did You Cheat? Exes Confront Each Other On Infidelity (#HurtBae Video) The Scene

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What did you do?

I did everything.

Like what?

I had sex with other girls. I did everything.

We met in school. We met in college.

Um, we met in class.

And you really didn't like me.

No, I didn't like you at first.

A couple years later we moved into, like, the same apartment complex.

And the first day we both moved there we, like,

met on the elevator again

and it was like a reunion.

And then you offered to bring my groceries upstairs.

And, um, yeah we spent a lot of time together.


every day.

I would say that you were my best friend.


Me too.

I would go through his phone

and I would, like, see text messages