I HURT MY BACK! What to do now

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everyone I posted a short story on my

Instagram a couple of weeks ago and he

got a pretty good response I think it

helped out a lot of people so I'm gonna

repost it here on YouTube

I'm gonna read directly from my

Instagram post so I'm not gonna be

looking at the camera the whole time on

Friday September 1st of this year I was

dead lifting and mid rep I felt a couple

of pops in my lower back and a sharp

jolt of pain you can see the barbell

temporarily pause on the second rep I

stood up and my back immediately started

to lock up I knew I tweaked something

and my first thought was [ __ ] sorry

about the language but it's the truth

my coach Austin Brock he was standing

there watching my set and he calmly said

is it your back and I said while holding