Ankle Sprain? Is it BROKE? How to Tell & What to Do. How to Wrap.

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pop and Brad the two mostly this

physicals there is only today hi folks

I'm Bob from physical therapist

Brad hanok physical frere the most

famous physical therapist on the

internet in our opinion of course Bob

Wright today I want to talk about ankle

sprain versus a break and how do you

tell and also we're going to show you

how to wrap an ankle so it's kind of the

basics the basic stuff to do when you

first hurt your ankle I'm glad you

brought this up because we just had a

viewer asking this exact same thing with

his ankle just just your the day before

so this is perfect timing yeah and by

the way I see that a few people are new

with to us out there is a few million in

the video world so if you want to take

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