Top 3 Signs You Have an ACL tear (Tests You Can Do At Home)

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hi I'm Bob from physical therapist Brett

Manning physical therapy if you get away

on the most famous physical therapist on

the internet well in our opinion of

course Bob today we're talking about top

three signs that you may have an ACL

tear one of the ligaments of the knee

one of the four major ligaments of the

knee and it's easy a terrible injury

it's right you one that's gonna end your

season in your sport right and let's

first talk about what it is we've got

you got the femur bone here we got the

femur and we got the tibia now these two

bones come together and that's the

kneecap these two bones come together

and they're held together by four main

ligaments right and one of them is the

ACL and an ACL is right in here and

basically the ACL stops this bone here

from going forward like this they call