How to Stop Telemarketers Once and For All

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I get a lot of telemarketer calls so

many in fact that I've contemplating

changing my number more than once just

to get away from them so I went in

search of a better way to get rid of

them without changing my number and I

think I might have found a way that at

least for now seems to be working now

you can and should use your phone's

built-in blocking feature now you can

tap and hold on a phone number you know

is a spam caller in the call log and tap

block on most devices but the issue with

this is that these companies have an

unlimited amount of phone numbers that

they can use so this just creates an

endless loop of calls and blocking and

calls and blocking ideally what you'd

want is the system or the person to

actually remove you from the list and

stop calling you but as we all probably