Jaw Pain Relief (TMJ Treatment) - Melbourne Myotherapist

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Dom McKay musculoskeletal therapist in this video I'm going to be talking to

you about the jaw and I'm gonna be showing you ways of mobilizing it and

massaging it yourself so if you're getting any of these TMJ type pains like

jaw pain or your you've got neck and shoulder issues that seem to be really

persistent then treating the jaw is a really good way of of releasing a lot of

these pains now the jaw is quite intricately connected with what goes on

in your neck and shoulders so it's it's a part of the puzzle with neck and

shoulder pain that is missed by some practitioners so to work on this jaw

were actually just going to use our fingers we won't be using any tools at

all for this so begin by placing your fingers just on the joint of your jaw

here so where where you feel the movement is so that's where I want you

to find those sort of meaty muscles that are around that area so you if you poke

around a little bit you'll feel the most intense parts and the most areas that

give you the most intense sensation is where you want to hold so you're just

pressing into those points and just exploring through the jaw so I'll turn

slightly to the side here so you can see more easily now you don't need a lot of

pressure for this just needs to be gentle pressure and then what I want you

to do is explore just around the the back of the jaw here now if you poked in

just under the ear you'll find some quite intense sensations there so just

want you to hold a finger in there you might feel pain referring into your head

into your face that means that you've got some good spots there