Injury Spotlight - Hip Flexor Strain

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hi I'm dr. Casey crisp with rosti rehab

centers and today we're gonna be talking

about a condition called a hip flexor

strain so what is that good question

let's start out with the first part hip

flexor there's a big muscle in the front

part of your spine it's about as big

around as your forearm and it's located

in the front part and it goes down and

hooks into your hip so if we drew it

here also it comes down into your hip so

what happens is is its main control is

to purpose one is to help stabilize your

low back you know help it stay set and

also flexing your hip for bringing your

hip up so where do we find hip flexor

strains great question we find it in

people who run such as soccer players

runners explains baseball players

anything with quick motion in side to

side motion so what happens is that the