How to beat Ganon Guide World of Light Hard Mode Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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what's up guys Mike back with another

guide video this time for Ganon and

obviously in series 9 for his ultimate

now the thing about Ganon is he's

exactly like his fight in Ocarina of

Time so spoiler alert from 20 years ago

but you have to hit his tail no that's

right uh yeah so actually that's like a

lot of poor people didn't figure out in

a period of time and I know some people

are having trouble again and in the

regular game so one thing to always

obviously always want to be behind them

so you hit it's glowing yellow tail a

big thing to do is having a character

with a good double jump it's just so you

get past Cannon and air dodges are very

important in this fight as you can see

I'm lucky here again taking his time but

the way to dodge his attacks or they get

a tell on his attacks is he it'll it