3 Tips On How To Stop Feeling Hurt

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are you tired of being hurt all the time

let's build that emotional resiliency

hey guys welcome back to another mind

write Monday I'm your house Bonnie Kelly

today we're gonna talk about how we can

build and thicken our emotional skin a

little bit and not keep ourselves stuck

and feeling hurt so often now every

person gets hurt let's be honest it's a

part of the human experience all of us

have been abused hurt abandoned betrayed

to some degree in our lives if you're

watching this you I know you have a

story I know you have something in your

life that has caused you some kind of

mental and emotional distress that part

is inevitable what we do beyond the pain

is really what we want to talk about

today because believe it or not that's

where our choice comes in

so before I dive into the three tips on