How To Forgive Your Ex (Or Anyone Who Hurt You)

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Let me tell you a quick true story about two ex prisoners of war

Years later after they're released the two run into each other

One asks the other, "Have you finally forgiven your captors?"

"No! Never."

The other one shouts angrily.

"Well they still have you in prison, don't they?"

Some people will never forgive they are

so loyal to their anger and hatred that they will stress and hurt themselves

physically psychologically for the rest of their lives because they think

forgiveness is some kind of weakness

but that's not true it takes a very strong

and wise person to forgive

to choose to be better instead of bitter.

and here's how you do it

you have to put yourself into their shoes.

See when you do this you realize what Eckhart Tolle said

that if their past was your past,

if their pain was your pain

if their level of consciousness was your level of consciousness

then you would think and act exactly as they do.

See there's only one earth