10 Dark Ways to Give a Player a Taste of His Own Medicine - How to Get Revenge on a Fuck-Boy

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like a boss what's up ladies is Alex on

my faction 2.0 and today I'm gonna be

doing another dark video since if you

guys know that I got a lot of dark

videos it's because this Halloween

season alright in this video is ten dark

ways to give a man a taste of his own

medicine I got this inspired from Elia

Elia Scott the other dating coach and

and this is like one of those one of

those videos that when I was making it I

was like [ __ ] I was like god dammit not

this again right um so I want you to

realize that this is all entertainment

purposes don't use this this [ __ ] up

if you have to give result to this I'm

not gonna judge you but you know be nice

okay a plane I don't recommend using

this you're not gonna get them to love

you you're just gonna [ __ ] or someone