So A SAGITTARIUS Is Mad At You... (Sun, Moon, Mars)

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hi guys welcome back to my channel I

hope you're all doing well if you're new

my name is Gabriella I make videos about

astrology self-care lifestyle beauty and

basically anything else I feel like

talking about so today is gonna be

another installation in my anger series

where I talk about zodiac signs anger

and how they deal with anger how you can

possibly help them get over being mad at

you so this relates to their Sun Sign

but also their Mars sign so if you look

into your own chart or someone else's

chart and for example for this video

there Mars sign is in Sagittarius then

this video will be helpful and will

relate to you but just know I recognize

there are wonderful traits to all of the

signs and everybody deals with anger

it's a human emotion that everyone has

so I'm not ridiculing anyone for the way