2 phrases that will stop a player in his tracks (how to devalue a player)

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what's up what's up what's up it's your

man Chazz Ellis once again and I'm gonna

give you two phrases that will stop a

player dead in his track before I give

you these two phrases you got to

understand a little bit about a player

and how they operate the major things

that a player wants is ego boost and

control now

before we get all judgmental you got to

understand people dated other people

before they got to you that means that

they've often been playing they've often

been treated a certain way and left to

feel low and unimportant [ __ ] we get

more [ __ ] the reason why they may be

treating you how they are treating you

is because they've been done that way in

the past let's keep it real we all like

to do this battle of the sexes things