Dealing With Mean People Who Hurt Your Feelings

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- We all have those experiences

where someone embarrasses us.

Makes us feel bad, makes us feel not good enough.

Causes us to get angry.

That makes us so frustrated.

In this video, I'm gonna share with you some tools

so that you can prevent someone from ever

making you feel any of those ways ever again.

My name is Janelle Fraser, the expert to follow

to become genuinely happy, wildly successful

and a Naked Leader.

It is the lunch break on Day Three

of my certification program.

We are training new Naked Leaders to go out in the world.

Step Number One is that no one is capable

of making you feel any way.

And you actually decide how you feel.

And so we need to stop giving people the power.

We give other people the power

that they can just manipulate how we feel

about our lives and about ourselves at any given moment.