Hurt His Ego - The key to getting him addicted to you

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alright alright alright people

um Alex my pleasure 2.0 so um mm-hmm

you gotta heard is the oh man that's

that's pretty much the the on total

truth about this is that you have to

hurt his ego point-blank you have to

hurt his ego and the reason why I make

this video is because for two reason one

coincidentally I got that same question

so it's from two of my clients today one

from online course ecologic beginning

with traveling I got somebody email me

it was like the lectures that solo

section on creating pain and how is that

true and then one of my clients who also

is in that course asked me that and I

was I are this is to two people at the

same day what the [ __ ] all right let me

give you guys the answer to that right

so if you guys also want a person like

client and pushes my coaching sessions