Ask A GEMINI: What To Do When You Made A Gemini MAD Or HURT!

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hey guys okay welcome back to my channel

and this series of ass lucky or as lucky

as Jeff the Jim and I this question

comes from one of my subscribers leaves

shout out to leaves they asked a

question what do you do when you have

hurt or made a Jim and I met now one

thing about a Gemini we're very

complicated sign you know why we could

be easy breezy light-hearted people

there is a dark side to us and unlike

other signs you might see both the light

side and a dark side at the same time

we're very contradictory saying I'm it

makes other size nuts but that's just

the way we were built you know we have

two different personalities going on at

the same time with us but believe it or

not we're not we don't like grudges

I guess because logically it just

doesn't make sense to hold a grudge