5 Signs A Gemini Man is About to Dump You

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I felt was felt welcome back to the


how you feeling my name is Amber for

those of you who do not know I'm

becoming Amber am I really don't care

for those of you who do know what's up

welcome back to the channel and this

video I want to be discussing five ways

you know a Gemini man is about to dump


I'd late I announced a I deleted I dated

a Gemini man for four years from when I

was 16 so I was 20 years old we never

really officially broke up it was just a

situation where I was like you know what

I want to take a break and I just never

went back to that relationship

we recently me being the Taurus i am i

reached out two years later and we're

still cool to this day you know what i'm

saying it's something was there probably