How to Survive a Dog Attack

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so you're enjoying your morning run in

the park before work and then suddenly a

stray dog runs up to you looking like

it's ready to attack you well what

should you do in a situation like this

should you run should you fight should

you give them a dog biscuit that might

be a good idea give them something else

to munch on here are the most helpful

recommendations of experts on how to

keep yourself safe from dogs or what to

do if you're attacked who is at risk

most of the time joggers cyclers and

other fast moving people get attacked

the thing is dogs react to movement and

it triggers a chase instinct plus they

may consider some area theirs and if you

trespass in their property they might

try to protect it so what to do if you

see that a dog is ready to attack you

part one avoiding the attack don't panic