How to Hunt Squirrels - Squirrel Hunting 101

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what is good gray gang I've had a few

requests lately that says like a king

which can you show me like how to like

squirrel hunt and so then I was like

yeah I can do it and here we are but

what I'm going to do is I'm basically

going to do how to squirrel hunt

squirrel hunting 101 so first let's go

over all the materials that you'll need

to actually get started squirrel hunting

now the number one thing that you're

gonna have to have to squirrel hunt is a

weapon and honestly let's be honest guys

this is like more the 21st century now

you need a gun I mean slingshots are

cool but guns are better now this gun

can generally be two things either one a

shotgun like this this is a Remington

870 pump 12-gauge shotgun however a 20

gauge or even a 14 any kind of shotgun

will kill squirrels and then the other