Red Dead Redemption 2 Complete Guide to Hunting: Perfect Pelts,, Legendary Animals & Secret Items!

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what's up gang craze here with the yet

again another guide for Red Dead

Redemption to and today I want to cover

everything you need to know about

hunting in this game now it might not

look like a big deal at first and you

can certainly skip this mechanic

entirely but hunting provides some very

powerful benefits no matter if you're

just starting out right now

or are later into the game it gives you

meat to cook for yourself or bring at

the camp to keep it up running helps to

craft cool pieces of gear or furniture

and if you're planning to go to the next

level and do legendary animal hunting

you're also looking at some amazing

outfits but most important of all some

very powerful trinkets that will give

you some very powerful stat boosts but

let's start things off with the basics