Monster Hunter World | Capture Quest Gameplay 'Kulu-Ya-Ku'

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you're what's going on guys Eric sale

back to another Monster Hunter world

video in today's video we are back take

a look at another brand new monster this

time it is the bird weapon cuckoo one of

us did you'll fight much earlier on in

the game it is a much easier monster as

well so if there's you guys that are new

to most hunter then consider these of

Raptor type monsters as just or like

introduction to the game they do still

you know they can still kill you if you

don't pay attention

so don't necessarily think that you're

gonna really like you know literally

being given the victory but at the same

time they are the easier monsters the

weaker monsters and they're kinda like

your intro your stepping stone so to

speak before you start moving on to some

of the bigger monsters later on however