How To Hunt in Warframe | Fortuna Hunting Guide

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hey guys it's the faceless beanie and

this is going to be my quick guide to

hunting creatures in the orb fellows

I'll be hunting problems in this video

but the method applied applies to all

other creatures as well so without

further ado let's get right into it

first thing you want to do is go to the

business in Fortuna and purchase the

tranq rifle you'll also want to purchase

any echo lures that you have unlocked

with your standing keep in mind that

once purchased the echo leo's can be

used forever remember to equip the rifle

in your gear as well as anyone echo your

you'll be able to select from your echo

lures when you're out there hunting once

you're out in the Ovilus equip your

tranq rifle immediately you'll notice

these footprint icons all over your map