LEARN to HUNT NOW (before it's too late!)

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good morning good evening good night

wherever you are wherever you are in the

day how about having long for talk to

Talk Tuesday this one's gonna be pretty

cool it's gonna be actually a two-parter

so is gonna be talking about Tuesday and

it's gonna be a talk talk Wednesday

reason being is because YouTube's kind

of funny with these things as soon as

you involve one of these things in there

pew pew they like to put ads away from

you and all this other junk you guys

know how it goes and some of you guys

probably won't be interested in the

first part which is how to get hunting

or how to get started hunting as an

adult like I did it's intimidating

it's tough some of you guys may just

want to go to the pew pew stuff which is

going to be the fun part of hunting so

you may want to skip to the Wednesday