Duck Hunting 101: What you need to know!

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I got me one of those Rascals

okay so hey everybody Robert Arrington

here you're watching my channel deer

meat for dinner and a lot of you guys

have been asking for a video about what

gear I use and how I hunt you're going

to go duck hunting you need to have a

sleeve for your gun typically it's going

to be wet it's going to be money you're

gonna walk them through stuff and the

last thing you want to do is get out on

a hunt and have your gun jammed

this is very important it's kind of soft

keeps the gun protected inside is the

important stuff it's like a blow pop you

know hard candy shell nice gum in the

middle got your shell you've got your

gun make sure it's unloaded this is my

escort 20 gauge actually it's Sarah's

escort 20 gauge what's cool about it is

that the stock of the gun is a little