Ask A Professional Dog Trainer: Should You Hug Your Dog? Do Dogs Like Being Hugged?

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should you have your dog well the real

question we need to be asking is does

our own dog enjoy being hugged when you

talk about you know your dogs like to be

hugged or not there are very clear

signals that dogs give off that lets us

know as humans how the dog is feeling

when we do something to our dog and our

dog doesn't like it they give off

warning signs and these signs mean stop

what you're doing get away from me I

don't like this I'm uncomfortable and if

they continue to do those things and we

don't notice the warning signs and our

dog bites us our dog is right to bite us

because that is the clearest way they

can communicate to us what they're

feeling and when we talk about do dogs

enjoy to be hugged and want to be hugged

this is one of the times we have to look

for those warning signs and this is