How to Hang Pictures

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need to hang a few pictures follow these

tips to decorate the walls in your home

first decide the placement the key is to

hang the center of the picture at eye

level which is about 57 inches for a

group hang the center of the grouping at

57 inches with groupings the largest

frame is usually best in the center or

at the center bottom another idea is to

hang the frames in a row or in a column

on a narrow wall if you want to check

the placement cut out the frame sizes on

paper and tape them to the wall use a

level and make any adjustments as needed

when you're happy with the placement

mark the top centers of the frames on

the wall the hardware you use depends on

the weight of the picture and the type

of wall which could be drywall plaster

concrete or masonry not sure if you have

drywall or plaster push a pin in the