How to Hug a Short Person

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hi i'm annaliese and i'm the

shortcomings of the shortcomings in NYC

blog i'm going to be showing you how to

hug a short person i'll argue that this

is actually a life skill this is

something you can put on your resume so

let's just get right into it

so this first hug that you're about to

see is going to be an example of what

not to do so people make the mistake

when they're hugging someone my height

and think okay I don't have to bend down

to this person I'm just gonna let this

person hug me if you go up it's just not

going to work it's going to be awkward

you're gonna regret hugging this person

you may never hug this person again it

will just be uncomfortable so I would

say that you want to make sure that you

never go up and so this is an example of

what not to do next I'm going to be