How To Give A Good Hug

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hugging is the most intimate interaction

any two humans can have regardless of

how long ago they met here's how to get

the most out of your first time

initiating the hug first to figure out

whether you're actually going to hug or

not hold your arms out and your

head to the side in a manner that says

we're doing this thing right

getting into the hug now that you know a

hug is going to happen head towards the

person with your head tipped back this

is a non-threatening posture and shows

the other person where their shoulders

should go hand placement when placing

your hands on another person's body you

don't want to go too low or too high to

low says hey they're too high it's been

too long neither of which is appropriate

for a first hug how hard to hug another

tricky balancing act you don't want to