How To Hug A Girl And Escape The Friend Zone

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Tripp here from teaching you how to get the girl while

still being your genuine self. Today I'm going to show you how to hug a girl

and create that magic spark. Why am I doing the video on how to hug?

Shouldn't it be obvious? You just wrap your hands around her and boom you're in a

hug. Well what most guys don't know is that there is a special way to hug

that can actually turn a woman on and give her those butterflies in her

stomach. Hugging is a great way to physically

connect with a woman and break the touch barrier. I've been told by many women

that I'm a great hugger and I don't say that to brag, but it opened up my eyes. If

I'm a good hugger then that must be that there's guys out there doing it bad and

there is such thing as a bad hug and once you know how to hug, she's going to

feel more connected to you and want you to get more physical with her. You can do

this type of hug to a woman that you already know or when you're giving a hug

for the very first time. After this video, you will never have a bad hug

again. Say hello to my beautiful hugging assistant Francois. Francois here is

going to be the recipient of my bad hugs and my one good hug and once you see all

these types of hugs, then you'll know exactly what to do. This is an example

of a very awkward hug. I call this the granny hugs. The granny hugs looks

something like this.

That's pretty awkward. That was awful. You didn't really touch me. Exactly.

I didn't touch you. That's the grandma hug. You're just kind of like you