How to Hug - A wikiHow Article

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ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the

steel donut collective for my name is

Bob with me today I just have yella

good day and today we're gonna learn

something that's pretty important in in

social interaction today we're looking

at how to hug

I mean wikiHow yeah I mean I love I love

hugging I love like showing my affection

in a physical way like that and but you

know what what is how do you do it


like I hate hugging I hate hugging no

damn yeah it's like I don't want to

touch people mmm I mean I mean I don't

mind I don't mind touching Conor I like

hugging Conor because he doesn't like

hugging me oh oh and I don't want to hug

I don't want to hug like people I care


Oh Carla and I are just coworkers I mean