The Man Hug | How To Hug It Out Like Men

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the man-hug a bold and blatant show of

affection between two dudes but if

you're not used to hugging other men it

could feel awkward and so today I

thought it would behoove us to go over a

little man hug guideline so we can have

you and your boys hug in like Bros first

up determining who you should hug man


should be reserved for family and good

friends and does not replace the

handshake as your go-to greeting and if

you missed the video where we teach you

how to shake hands like a man there's a

link down in the description so now

comes the tricky part have you ever been

in a situation where you're going to

greet someone and you're not sure if a

hug would be well-received huh I've been

there I'm sure you've been there as well

you oh yeah you need to have an