Portal 2 (CO-OP) | Episode 7 | Hug Quest

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OOP yeah odds array we can get back to

work after just wasting time hugs are my

viewers go mad because they're more

because we're just hugging in there like

boom ships because that's the internet

who says about what your your viewers

think actually now they like Aaron think

I care what they think if they think

we're fun then all that matters

well I suppose it's good if they think

we're good at the game too but you know

who knows already we're just going to

have fun here that stretch to robots

need to stretch wait hold on wait wait a

second make it this far I have to build

this new course just for you I have

noticed that you two of the kind of

stream Lee clothes what goodbye

hello portal down beneath us

yeah I know but I didn't make fun of

orange you made fun of orange glad off I