Episode Interactive Tutorial 13 - HUGGING & KISSING

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hey guys and welcome to another episode

tutorial with me Joseph Evans author of

the Sacre sequence the Phoenix prophecy

and the ember facts so today I'm going

to show you how to get your characters

hugging and kissing in your episode

stories and now this is something that I

did struggle with when I first started

writing four episodes and the reason for

that is that it's very tricky to know

which positions your characters have to

be in to get this animation to work

properly if they're in the wrong

positions what will happen is they'll

overlap strangely and it will look like

some kind of technical glitch so let's

get straight into it here I have a scene

set up already and I'm going to drop

some characters in now the first thing

you need to know about hugging and

kissing is that you have to have one