The Awkward Post Date Car Hug

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this is my place right here is it all

right well thanks thank you for such a

great lunch so fun just like a lot of

chemistry you know just felt natural I

guess I'm just dropping up here on maybe

I'll just give it okay you know I was

gonna I was gonna give you a hug but I'm

starting to say obviously okay


just thanks so much it's like oh you

know I let me put it in park first yeah


okay see ya thank you you know what that

isn't that doesn't seem right maybe I'll

just you stay there I'll just try it

I'll hug you over there are you coming

in one hand out come in with a backhand

yes I got you let me try it again

without the headrest maybe if I move

this headrest that I get more okay sorry

says I never know what to do jet Park do