Dr. John Lund Is Your Child A Porcupine. Are They Impossible To Please

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hi I'm dr. John London of how to hug a

porcupine now we talked about a mile

work a pine last time and tonight or

today we're going to be talking about

little porcupines now I mentioned that

sometimes we either married our biggest

tests in this life or we give birth to

it now as a husband or a wife let's talk

about what you do with a little

porcupine that is with a child that

seems to be impossible to please no

matter what you do to begin with in

defining our little porcupine here as an

impossible to please person you have to

come to a point where you recognize that

you're not going to meet all of their

expectations and that you have to learn

to redefine from being a pleasing person

that is I'm going to act in such a way

this person will be pleased and we're

coming back to that fundamental