Koala Gives Stinky Hugs!

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- Oh! That is a very strong smell.

Here smell the tip of my finger.

- [Mark] That was the Cheez-it smell.

(koala sounds)

(exciting music)

(gentle piano music)

- [Coyote] Upon arriving in Australia,

I had my sights set on getting up close with some

of the countries most iconic mammalian inhabitants.

However, approaching mammals in the wild

is incredibly difficult.

As most species are very weary of human interaction.

So encounters tend to be nothing more

than a fleeting glimpse.

The best solution for getting an up close

and personal interaction is to work at a wildlife park

where native animals are being rehabilitated

or raised under the care of humans.

So we reached out to the Billabong Sanctuary,

an establishment that has been providing the public

with a hands on approach to learning about