How Do I Make My Pet Chickens Cuddly?

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hey everyone it's Trish from the Kings

roost and as the crazy chicken lady

around here today I'm gonna tackle a

question that we get a lot how do you

get your hands so cuddly so I'm gonna go

through three bullet points the first is

the age of your chicks when you get them

the second is keeping the breeds in mind

and the third and most important by far

is channeling your inner rooster

so our chickens are not just farm

animals or egg-laying machines they are

our pets and our family members and they

are very very spoiled I recognize that

not everybody is into that too a lot of

people it seems kind of crazy and it

seems a little outrageous and it is

totally outrageous but it's really fun

so as you might imagine the earlier that

you get your chickens be easier it will

be for them to bond with you so if you