How to make honey mead

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hi guys so today we're gonna be making

some Mead or as it's also known honey

wine now meat is a very simple fermented

beverage it uses honey as the base sugar

needed to make the alcohol and it's a

lot simpler than for example making beer

which is a lot more difficult this comes

the cost of time it does take a little

bit longer typically to ferment properly

than for example beer does it doesn't

require heating or specific temperatures

and in the end it really just is a very

nice product to drink I had a lot of fun

making this my friend Colin is actually

helping me make this mean today we ended

up doing this as gifts for people for

Christmas and in the end the version I'm

showing you today we ended up with a

semi dry Mead with an alcohol percentage

of around 11% so let's get started at

making Mead and we'll start by looking