Mayo Clinic Minute: The cautions and benefits of honey

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honey maple syrup molasses they're all

more natural sugars and they're all fine

to use in a limited quantity but Mayo

Clinic dietician Kate Zaretsky says if

you use them it's important to remember

sugar is sugar any honey you drizzle on

your breakfast counts towards your daily

added sugar total which the American

Heart Association says should be no more

than 100 calories a day for women and

150 calories for men the upside to honey

is it's more powerful flavor profile

although a teaspoon of honey has

slightly more calories than a teaspoon

of sugar it's also sweeter and more

flavorful so a little bit goes a long

way the same goes for molasses and maple

syrup in some baking you can use any one

of those ingredients to help you

actually reduce the amount of added

sugar because those sweeteners actually