HoneyStick Twist 510 Vape Pen Battery | Variable Voltage 500 mAh Preheat Function | How To

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hi guys i'm dan huff CEO of honey stick

bringing you guys our latest and

greatest to the 2019 product edition

which is our honey stick 510 thread

twist battery that's a push-button now

i've been in touch with a lot of you

guys through the youtube channel and

through social media and everybody wants

honey stick to make just a simple

battery and they want a simple battery

that's quality that's powerful and on a

bargain and that is exactly what this

battery is I'm bringing this battery to

you guys as a honey stick with the honey

stick warranty and the traditional honey

stick quality for 15 dollars at retail

now what does this battery entail it's a

twist battery so you get to dial in on

your voltage by twisting the bottom this

is a high quality twist battery not one