Honey & Mustard Roast Ham

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hello again my name's John I'm a retired

chef from the northeast of England in

the UK and welcome to another one of my

Christmas videos and as you can see from

the opening image this one is how I make

my honey and mustard Christmas ham or

gammon joint and this is probably the

most requested video I've had so far

this Christmas I know a lot of people

out there have their own recipe for this

dish but this is just a demonstration on

how I do mind and here's a list of the

ingredients I'll be using in this recipe

but also leave a list in the description

box below now this is just a smallish

two and a half kilogram that's about a

five and a half pound good quality gum

and joint

now these gummin joints can sometimes be

a bit too salty for our taste so I like

this walk mine for an hour a saw in cold