How do you say Darling or My honey in French?

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Bravo French learner it stay busy here

come French state and in this video I'm

going to teach you twelve endearing

terms that we use in French and really

see what they mean and who to use them

with and also how to sell this so these

are gonna be my legs of partly the first

one is movie B or just bee B movie b4

just DB then we have one that we can use

Musha v my darling or machete my darling

feminine so use the first one if you're

speaking to your man second one for a

woman moon chili mac chilly this one is

a very cute one Society moon moon and we

also have a term where we say mu mu L o

UT which is word not sure if mu nu who

comes from it but it sounds like it

should mmm moon laughs my rabbit this

one we use when we use it to talk to a

man so moon laughing he's a rabbit then

we have my dog Montana Montana chorusing