Brown Sugar Honey Glazed Ham Recipe | Thanksgiving Recipes

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hey guys what's up welcome back to your

girl cooking with tammy want to see how

to make a delicious honey brown sugar

glazed ham well look no further i'm

about to show you how to make such a

delicious ham it's going to impress

everybody this holiday season so with

all of that being said let's introduce

these ingredients and get to cooking

first one up as you can see is our

spiral sliced ham now ham comes in so

many different variations some are

cooked some are not cooked

be mindful as to what it is that you

want and what you prefer this ham right

here is hickory smoked and we also have

our pineapple juice along with brown

sugar honey dijon mustard butter and

that's unsalted butter the ham is salty

enough along with the hand packet but

however we don't need this packet right