Honey Garlic Glazed Salmon Recipe - Easy Salmon Recipe

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hi guys welcome back to cooking with

Claudia today I'm going to show you how

to make this delicious honey garlic

salmon I've made this recipe before when

I first started my channel and you guys

loved it so I just want to show you an

updated version with better video

quality and this salmon is the easiest

most delicious way you could ever make

salmon let's get started guys all right

you guys we're going to start by making

a marinade for the salmon so in my bowl

I have some melted butter into that I'm

adding some olive oil soya sauce honey

minced garlic some brown sugar Dijon

mustard and some red pepper flakes for a

little heat go ahead and mix everything

together in this marinade you guys it's

the perfect marinade for salmon it's so

good next you're going to grab your

baking pan and lay some sliced lemons on