Honey-glazed roast parsnips and carrots - Waitrose

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I've got a lovely side dish to show you

now which is my honey glazed roast

carrots and parsnips now I've got some

quite large carrots and some parsnips

which have been peeled and chopped and

tailed if they're very long cut them in

half and then in half again length away

so you get sort of nice long pieces and

it depends on the size of your parsnips

this one's not that large so I'm just

going to nip that end off and then cut

this in half if you're the bigger than

this giant cut them into quarters so

that's all my vegetables done I'm just

going to pop them back into their bowl

and now for the honey glaze in a large

bowl I'm going to add two tablespoons of

whole grain mustard those

I'm for sweetness until you give that

lovely color I've got four tablespoons

of clear honey