Does taking lemon & honey help losing weight in PCOS? - Dr. Chetali Samant

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namaste my name is dr. Jay tally salmon

I'm an aerobic physician a diet and

lifestyle counsellor and a yoga expert I

practice in two locations in Bangalore

one is I child care between Monday to

Saturday and at Earth and wellness also

rode on first Sunday of every month as

much as we speak about people and people

who take lemon and honey and try losing

weight with PCOS without PCOS men women

as much as we discuss I feel it's less

there are several people who watch by

saying that yes I took lemon and honey

all in the morning on empty stomach and

I lost weight yet there are people and

especially women with PCOS who come to

us telling that I took lemon and honey

for ages together and there is nothing

that happened lemon individually and

honey individually we we know that they