The Ultimate Minecraft 1.19 Bee and Honey Farming Guide | Auto Farm, Everything Honey and Honeycomb

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bees are a really useful mob in

minecraft added in 1.15 you can farm

both honey and honeycomb from them and

although there is a lot to know about

them no worries because this is the

ultimate minecraft 1.18 bn honey farming

guide let's check it out now bees can be

found in almost every single biome that

has the oak and the birch trees so it

does not spawn in the dark oak forest

but it would spawn in the flower forest

the sunflower plains the plains the

meadow the birch forest and other biomes

like that they spawn in these bee hives

right here on the side of trees rarely

of course i put a few more beehives

around here but you do actually find

them somewhat commonly in these areas if

you're having trouble finding a beehive

or you want a whole bunch more of them

all you have to do is get yourself a